Terms and Conditions



Payments can be made by:

  • Visa, American Express or Mastercard.

Reservations and Deposits:

All reservations require a payment to hold chosen dates.

Cancellation Policies:

  • Holiday reservations are non-refundable.
  • Non-holiday reservations are refundable if cancelled 48 hours of the check-in date (4pm central time)

Reservation Prices do not Include:

Expenses and items not mentioned, including, but not limited to: transportation, meals, insurance (if applicable), telephone calls and other items of a personal nature.


  • GunRunner Guests hereby assume all risk of damage to any and all personal property of Landlord and GunRunner Guests, including household furniture and goods during such use and occupancy.
  • GunRunner Guests hereby assume any and all risks associated with the foregoing and agrees to hold Landlord harmless from and indemnify Landlord against the same.


  • There is absolutely no smoking permitted anywhere on GunRunner premises. This includes balconies, roof top, parking lot, restrooms, rooms or common area.  A fee of $300 will be charged for ionization if smoking on the property is detected.
  • It is agreed that the Premises shall be used for residential purposes.
  • Pets or animals are not permitted.
  • GunRunner Guests in the possession, use and occupancy of the Premises agree to observe and comply with all restrictions, laws and ordinances affecting the Premises or occupancy thereof.
  • GunRunner Guests further agree that no use shall be made of the Premises, or acts done which will increase the existing rate of insurance upon the Premises, or will cause a cancelation of any insurance policy covering the Premises.
  • Must be 21 years of age to rent a room at the GunRunner Hotel.
  • GunRunner Guests are expected to utilize common areas in a manner respectful of all guests and shall not cause damages to any equipment located thereon.


  • GunRunner Guests understand no hotel personnel are on duty on or about the Premises, that GunRunner Guests are responsible for their own safety, and agree to utilize all areas at their own risk.
  • GunRunner Guests agree to assume all risks associated with the occupancy and usage of the GunRunner Boutique Hotel.
  • To the fullest extent allowable by law, GunRunner Guests do hereby release and/or hold harmless the GunRunner Boutique Hotel, along with its owners, of and from any damages to person or loss or damage to personal property resulting from the occupancy and usage of the GunRunner Boutique Hotel.
  • GunRunner Guests agree to indemnify the GunRunner Boutique Hotel for any damages or losses to Hotel property.
  • GunRunner Guests understand the terms and conditions herein are governed under Alabama law.
  • GunRunner Guests do hereby knowingly and intentionally waive any and all right to consequential, indirect and/or punitive damages, and further waive the right to trial by jury, in the event any legal action is commenced in any court in connection with the occupancy or usage of the GunRunner Boutique Hotel.